Thursday, 17 January 2013

Swish Swoo

Having a stroke has actually made my life quite exciting, I get asked to do things and go to things that previously I would never have known about.
Back in November I had an email from a friend at the Stroke Association telling me about a girl of a similar age to me wanting to put on a charity fashion show in Liverpool, in aid of raising money for the Stroke Association.
Of course I was interested.
Being a young Stroke Survivor the message I always want to get across is that there is Life After Stroke.
This message is something the girl who wanted to put on the fashion show also wanted to put out there.
Her request was for me to make a speech about my life pre stroke, then tell people the story of when I had my stroke, but most importantly, my life after stroke.
I was nervous about standing up in front of a room full of people and telling my story, but I want to get the message out there.
I had to ignore my nerves, put on my biggest smile, get out there and do it... So I did.
Here is a video of my speech.
Also an explanation about the man who is standing next to me... I couldn't hold a microphone and my speech at the same time, and apparently they couldn't find me a microphone stand... So I made a new, half dressed friend...


  1. This is so awesome Becky. This is just such a great idea and it's good to see brave and inspirational stroke survivors such as yourself getting some much due recognition.

  2. Great Post Becky - I am sure it wasn't too painful having an undressed microphone man, much better than a microphone stand anyday ;) ...I think it is brilliant that you got up and did a speech infront of all of those people. I am having my own crisis at the moment over a speaking exam because of my S. - let alone a big crowd of people! - Congrats x

  3. This is a brilliant way to tell your story on something that should be out there more keep blogging. It's how about you live your life inspirational that's what you are

  4. Becky

    Good to see your video blog and sorry to hear Christmas was not too good for you.

    Well done for doing your speech, pity more people there didn't listen to you!

    Please keep writing you blog, you write so well (and not just because it is about your condition which I can identify with.)

    Weird that I checked you site today as I have a few days were my head feels uncomfortable (mainly I think because of bad posture sitting at the computer etc), and I think the worst and so I tell my partner as if it is something to worry about she knows (she is so supportive and it thanks to her I survived my stroke so well - she knew what was happening to me and got me to doctors/hospital).

    As I have posted before I had my stroke when I was 55, and I had no idea until afterwards that much younger people have them too - even babies, which was quite a shock.

    Keep blogging and tweeting, you are an inspiration to so many fellow post stroke people and those who know little about it.

    Best wishes

    Mike - nearly 60 stroke survivor!